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VNPE is committed to providing our clients with a service that is sensitive to their individual needs. To this end, we aim to continually improve our systems and services so that we can respond appropriately – on time and to budget.
Our Operations System focuses on assisting us to meet the needs of our clients. This is achieved by utilising a system that is simple and flexible enough to adapt to all of our projects – whether large or small. The adoption of a common system across all of our offices ensures a consistent approach throughout our company. The Operations System applies to all VNPE activities from feasibility and planning phase right through to the design and construction phases of a project, as well as other services including survey and project management.

Our system is following the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management Systems.
VNPE’s Operations System is structured in the following way:
The Operations System Overview presents our quality policy statement, the Operations System structure and scope, and company organisation and responsibilities.
There are three procedures that cover VNPE’s operations.These procedures may be regarded as “the rules” under which VNPE operates.
It is VNPE’s policy that clients may inspect our Operations System documentation within our offices and that an uncontrolled copy of our Operations System Overview document will be issued to clients upon request.
The responsibility for the successful implementation of the VNPE Operations System rests with all our personnel.

VNPE offices are linked by an electronic mail system allowing rapid data transmission and fast access to specialist knowledge. Within the organisation, data files are rapidly transferred between PCs, Workstations, CAD and word processing via a wide area Ethernet network. The network is used for data security, storage and backup services.
The network is also used for print management of outputs such as plots, graphics, tables and reports to peripherals which within VNPE include large (A0) plotters for final drawings, numerous A3 colour printers for preliminary check and final issue plots and small scale reprographics and A4 laser printers.

Health, Safety & Environment management System
The purpose of this procedure is to identify VNPE activities, products and services that relate to the environment and that present potential moderate to high environmental risks. This allows the establishment and implementation of appropriate control measures to minimise or mitigate moderate to high environmental risks on a company-wide or project basis.
Our established safety management system is practical in approach and is built around risk management principles to ensure safe systems of work are established and maintained.